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            Traditional agriculture is facing challenges, and the importance of comprehensive weight of modern agriculture is prominent

            Now, our country agricultural development is facing many challenges, such as the challenge of natural resources and ecological environment, the challenges of food supplies and food safety, operation mode and economic benefit of challenges, such as how to resolve the bottleneck of agricultural development become key to future development. In the face of the new situation of agricultural development, we can draw on the concept of urban complex to realize the sustainable development of agriculture by constructing modern agricultural complex.

            What is modern agricultural complex?

            The modern agricultural complex is a combination of production, life and ecology, integrating agricultural whole industry chain, agricultural science and technology support system, and modern agricultural management system. Through the construction of modern agricultural complex, the agricultural development level has been improved effectively, and the competitiveness of agricultural products has been enhanced, and the transformation of agricultural scientific and technological achievements has been promoted.

            Complex modern agriculture has such a big effect, and integrates the government, scientific research, business, finance and other related resources have very big concern, and modern agriculture synthesis has a strong but innovative new and ductility, to promote regional agricultural industrial structure adjustment and transformation and upgrading is of great significance.

            According to forward-looking industry research institute published "China's modern agriculture industrial park development model and investment analysis report, analysis, synthesis is crack" three rural "and modern agriculture agricultural science and technology development bottleneck problem of" combination ", is a kind of adjust measures to local conditions, continuous innovation, the new path of elastic extension, is an effective integration of government, scientific research, a new model of enterprise and financial sifang power.

            What are the advantages of modern agricultural synthesis?

            Specifically, modern agricultural complex has three advantages. First, rich connotation. Complex, from the above definition, modern agriculture is a complex connotation is rich, is integrated with agricultural industrial chain, and fusion of traditional agricultural functions, also comprehensive agricultural science and technology support system, optimize the agricultural management system.

            Therefore, modern agricultural complex is a new type of carrier, which can provide diversified services and provide a new rural model of production, life and ecological harmony.

            Second, advanced form presentation. Modern agricultural complex is born in modern agricultural park, but it is more than modern agricultural park, which can be regarded as the "upgrade" of modern agricultural park. Marked by the appearance of modern agricultural synthesis of regional economic and social development to a new stage, the need to have a variety of comprehensive function of politics, economy, science and technology and cultural development of the new platform, modern agriculture synthesis happens to comply with this requirement.

            Modern agricultural complex takes the development of modern agriculture as the core and main body, and expands comprehensively in the first, second and third industries, and builds the advanced form of new-type urbanization with agricultural modernization.

            Third, broad industry extends. Modern agriculture synthesis including agricultural production, agricultural science and technology, agricultural tourism, agricultural culture and modern agricultural commerce, trade logistics, education training, leisure, sightseeing and fusion, cultural creativity, and other related industries, eventually form muti_function, complex compound, innovative industry.

            Modern agriculture has a broad industry extension, which plays an important role in creating jobs, increasing farmers' income and exploring new agricultural modes.

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